The Brock Center is striving to provide more interactive information for our followers to glean from. Therefore, we have embarked on a video campaign and have focused on improving the quality of our video’s and media productions, especially driven by our Brock Center Associate Videographer, Nathan Brickman. Please enjoy the videos posted below as we continue to broaden the scope of Brock Center and enhance our students Learn By Doing experience.

“In celebration of Brock Center’s 30th Year, we interviewed some alumni about their experience at the Brock Center. Enjoy.” – Nathan Brickman

Sharlene Garcia: Brock Associate 2000-2003
Harrison Reilly: Brock Associate 2014-2016
Carrie Issacson: Brock Associate 2011-2012
Nick Garcia: Brock Associate 2000-2002
Jennifer Ray: Brock Associate 2012-2013