Fall Family Photo Showcase

Before Thanksgiving, our Brock Team took on the task of taking photos for several Cal Poly families. We decided that we wanted to showcase some of the several thousand photos our team took over this time.

Celeste Roberts

I was delighted to capture family moments through Brock Center’s Fall Family Photos. My wish is that families are able to look back on these photos and cherish them for years to come.



Quincie Gourley

My favorite part about the family photo sessions is being able to bring out the family’s fun and natural smiles. I personally enjoy interacting with all of the kids and finding what makes them happy.

Fave Photos- Blog-3Fave Photos- Blog-4Fave Photos- Blog-5

Bekah Reed

I love being able to spend time with families, seeing the dynamics within them, and capturing one precious moment in time for that family to be able to hold onto and see from then on.


Felipe Vallejo

I enjoy being able to capture family’s photos for the second year and being able to use this time to work on my photography skills, I was able to photograph nine different clients so it was cool trying different things for each one so they wouldn’t all come out the same. 


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