Photo Bootcamp Experience- Breanna Barker

Breanna Marie Barker

Freshman, Agricultural Communication minor in Agricultural Leadership

Dublin, Texas

It’s never easy being away from home. It’s never easy being the new kid. Yet thousands of us are in that exact position right now on Cal Poly’s campus. Freshmen life is confusing, yet there are hundreds of people there to remind you to get involved and do everything you can. For some of us that’s easy, we already have a passion and can find clubs effortlessly. For others it’s a struggle.

When presented with this dilemma, Photography Bootcamp became a solution for some. Over a two-day period a group of photographers and photography lovers set out to learn everything they could about their cameras. With the help of Denne Souza, Phil Doyle, and Dr. Scott Vernon, they did just that.

The first day was all about how to use the camera, and with Mr. Doyle’s guidance and the Cal Poly Rodeo Team’s help, the second day was full of practice. Here are just a few of the shots I took on that second day.


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