Consumers Have a Say

Quincie Gourley, Web and Outreach Associate for the Brock Center
Senior in agricultural communication

This past summer, I have been interning with Rijk Zwaan, a produce seed company. I have been working with the marketing and product development teams on various projects and tasks.



One of the most unique projects has been completing a melon tasting for random consumers who are willing to taste cantaloupes.


The testers were asked to fill out a survey, which asked questions about firmness, juiciness, and sweetness. Essentially the company wants to figure out which cantaloupe variety will do better in the market (Consumers have a choice)!


Prior to the melon tasting, one of my co-workers and I had sampled around 50 cantaloupes for brix (sweetness) and psi (firmness) levels to have similar sample products.

How do you like your melons?

Soft or firm?

Juicy or not juicy?

Sweet or not sweet?


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