I scream, you scream, we all scream for Cal Poly Ice Cream

By: Kaleb Roberson, 1st year agricultural science major

Walk into Campus Market and right by the Starbucks you will see an assortment of dairy products made right here on campus. Walk into Canyon Market and you will see the same products sold by the crepes stand. As a freshman, nothing has been cooler than seeing ice cream, cheese, and even eggnog sold and produced on campus, pun intended.

Cal Poly has its own creamery, where students work to produce the products that we all icecreamknow and love. The most interesting aspect of the whole operation is that the milk used in the creamery is produced on campus at the Cal Poly Dairy. While the creamery delivers products to be sold on campus, it sells them in the community of San Luis Obispo as well. Products made at the creamery are sold at stores such as Avila Valley Barn and Vons. The creamery currently produces milk, cheeses, ice cream, and eggnog during the holiday season.

Students working at the creamery live out the “Learn by Doing” motto, and student employment at the Creamery looks different every day too, said Hayley Mulchay, a 4th year animal science major. Some days work consists of production of various products, while the other days consist of inventory, procedure development, and plant sanitation. Her favorite days, though, are the ones where they work on research and development of new flavors for current products, such as smoked cheeses, red velvet ice cream, and even Fruity Pebble ice cream.


While to some it may be a job, to Hayley and 3rd year dairy science major Hank De Vries the job has many positive aspects. It has shown them the side of dairy farming that takes a commodity and transforms it into value-added food products. For some students, it’s been their first experience in the dairy industry and has opened up doors for their post-educational career that they might not have thought possible.

Both students agree that working at the creamery is extremely rewarding including the industry experience gained as a full-time student and the reward of seeing customers’ smiling faces as Cal Poly products are delivered to them. The Cal Poly Creamery truly helps students Learn by Doing and makes them Cal Poly Proud.


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