National FFA President hails from CA

By: Audrey Lent, agriculture science major

On the final day of the 90th National FFA Convention, crowds sat in hushed silence as they waited for the name of the new president of the National FFA to be announced. The announcer paused, looked out over the crowd, and then proudly announced that Breanna Holbert, former California FFA State Secretary and an agricultural education student at CSU Chico, as the 2017-2018 National FFA President. The first California FFA image1member to be elected as a National FFA officer in five years, Breanna, or Bre, as many know her, has big shoes to fill, but there is no doubt that she will do so with grace, confidence, and her seemingly ever-present smile that so instantly endears her to everyone she meets.

Originally from Lodi, California, Breanna became involved in her local FFA chapter her freshman year of high school and quickly fell in love with public speaking, leadership, and agriculture. She had many different SAE projects and was involved in a number of activities, but they all had one thing in common – everything she did gave her ample opportunities to explore her passion for agricultural education. As a high school student, Breanna hosted a camp for elementary school students to attend and learn about agriculture and production of commodities such as fruits and vegetables. She also raised turkeys and chickens as an SAE (supervised agricultural experience) project. Throughout her time at Lodi-Tokay FFA, Breanna continued to develop her public speaking and leadership abilities, skills that helped her reach new heights when she became the California State Secretary in 2015.

Today, Breanna continues to inspire people across the globe, sharing daily journaling of motivational quotes, and documenting her adventures as a national officer on her blog, Perspective Building Adventures In Blue Corduroy. With unique pieces such as “The Chicken Nuggets of Life”, and regular updates on her “to-read” list of books and her “to-visit” list of restaurants, her enthusiasm for new experiences and constant learning is reflected in everything she shares with her readers. Breanna Holbert may only be a national officer for one year, but there is no doubt that the impact of her bright, unique spirit will last for generations to come.

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