A Summer in America’s Dairy-land

By: Elise Regusci, Brock Center Associate Editor and Blog Manager

Junior dairy science major with a minor in agricultural communications

“The next issue will be our best.” A phrase that I read each afternoon as I walked out of the office at my summer internship with Hoard’s Dairyman. The phrase was stated by a former publisher of the magazine, Mr. Bill Hoard Jr. It was a reminder for me to strive to improve something each day and to fix mistakes along the way. This phrase, along with a few other pieces of advice I picked up this summer, taught me to become a better writer and listener during my 11-week internship in Fort Atkinson, Wis.

I served as the editorial intern for Hoard’s Dairyman which is a dairy farm magazine that has been published since 1885. The magazine is sent out to subscribers bimonthly, except for June, July, November, and December, which are monthly. It serves as a source of information on dairy farming techniques, industry news, youth resources, and more.

My main tasks this summer included writing stories, editing articles, and traveling to conventions and farms for story material. I had the opportunity to travel to four states and visit with dairy farmers, which is an experience that opened my eyes to the both the diversity of the United States dairy industry and the passion each dairy farmer has for their livestock and the product they are producing. A few of my top projects included:

  • Writing “farm flashes,” which are summaries of extension, university, or Journal of Dairy Science articles. These covered everything from herd health to new innovations in forage research. I found this to be my favorite part of the internship as I like reading about new findings in science.
  • Authoring weekly blogs for the online website. I covered youth and showing topics, as well as other dairy industry topics. I will continue to write this school year for the blog section of the website.
  • Compiling the top 50 milk cooperative list and the 2-year college list for prospective students. These two projects taught me how to reach out to contacts via phone and email. I also had to work in excel to organize the information before publication.

This incredible internship taught me so much about the dairy industry and how to communicate effectively. It also affirmed my passion of pursuing a career in the agriculture industry to become a voice of American farmers and provide them with information to produce products more efficiently and practically. Interning in Wisconsin, known as America’s Dairyland, was an amazing opportunity and experience.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about Hoard’s Dairyman or the upcoming summer internship can find more information here.

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