West Coast to East Coast: John Deere Internship

By: Chantal Herrera
Senior agricultural communication major

This summer I had the opportunity of traveling from California to Georgia as a Customer Product Support Intern for John Deere. My project included updating solution database spreadsheets to help our dealers solve issues in more sufficient time. My other large project consisted of creating videos for our dealers on issues they might be having with the 5R series tractors. Coming from Cal Poly, whose motto is Learn by Doing, I was hoping to have an experience that involved just that.

IMG_1688 (1)

On my first day, I realized I had set low expectations for my summer experience. Since then I was authorized to drive tractors around the factories, learned numerous parts of a tractor along with their function, and traveled to 12 different states!

As I get older I realize my summers will no longer be carefree as they were when I was younger. Summers now include work and school, and if I am lucky I can squeeze in some fun. Although this summer I spent Monday through Friday working 40 hours a week and balancing two online classes, I still managed to have one of the best summers of my life. My internship experience has been one I will never forget.

IMG_1453 (2)

My favorite part of work is, if I am tired of sitting, I have the opportunity to step outside and test drive our tractors. How cool is that! I cannot express how great of a summer experience I’ve had so far with John Deere. Since I will be graduating in the winter of 2018, I am still eligible to return for another summer internship here if granted the opportunity; therefore, I am keeping my fingers tightly crossed. I have enjoyed my time here in the south. Everyone is just as sweet as the tea. I was able to share this experience with 12 other interns from across the United States. I created friendships I know will continue when I return to California.

Saving the best for last, I had the opportunity to shake hands with Samuel R. Allen, the CEO of John Deere. Growing up in agriculture, I have always been accompanied by a John Deere tractor, whether it was out in the fields with the amazing commodities we have in California or at the ranch with my animals. From California to Georgia, I am thankful that I was still accompanied by a Deere.



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