Hilmar Cheese Internship

By: Hannah Brady

Junior agribusiness major

My name is Hannah Brady and I am a third-year Agribusiness major at Cal Poly.  I am from Linden, California – a town even smaller than Hilmar, California!  My summer internship is with Hilmar Cheese Company, Inc. which is located in Hilmar, California – just outside of Turlock, California. The company began in 1984 with 12 central California dairy families seeking to maximize the value of their Jersey cows.

For my internship, I have been assigned to the Cheese Research and Development Department.  It is a great experience to be learning something not specifically in the studies of my major; however, come to find out the Sales Department works closely with the department I am currently working in for the summer (which is an area I am particularly interested in).

While working in the Cheese Research and Development Department, I have had the opportunity to experience the cheese making process. Also, seeing first-hand the science behind the making of cheese and all of the other little components which, before this summer, I did not know existed.  I have been assigned the tasks of running tests, collecting data, and writing reports for various projects.

The positive experiences I am making here at Hilmar Cheese Company are ones I will take with me and will never forget.  Here at Hilmar Cheese, the company strives to have open doors and create a positive environment for their hundreds of employees. Integrity is the top priority of the company as well as teamwork, relationships, excellence, and improvement. This shows where the company is, where they want to go, and how they achieve their goals.

Fun fact: 1 in 5 pounds of natural American cheese is made at either the Hilmar Cheese plant in California or at their Dalhart plant in Texas.


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