Looking Forward to the Year

Hello Mustangs! My name is Jana Colombini.  I am a 4th year Agricultural Science Major from the very small town of Linden, CA in the central valley.  I’m a third generation Cal Poly CAFES student and I am the 2016-17 Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) President. I hope you had an amazing summer but I’m sure it feels good to be back.  img_4528

This year I am looking forward to fulfilling my platforms that I campaigned on back in April – Care, Communicate, and Connect. Care is the efforts to increase campus safety in diversity and inclusivity with increasing lights and safe transportation for our off-campus students. Connect targets the expansion of shared governance with the Cal Poly administration and with the city of San Luis Obispo in which the students hold a third of the population. Communicate is an ASI-wide initiative to enhance our transparency and communication to all students. This involves informing students about what our organization is through enhancing social media, outreach, and connecting those to different sectors of ASI that interests them.
I hope that each and every one of you will join me in helping create a better Cal Poly for all. We have an opportunity to make a big impact on this campus but we must work together, as part of the Mustang family.
You should always remember that it is up to you to get the most out of your college experience.  ASI is one of the resources you have on campus to do just that. As a student you are automatically a member of ASI, with access to all of our programs and services. I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities ASI has to offer; whether through Student Government, the state-of-the-art Recreation Center, intramural sports, on-campus child care, outdoor adventures, concerts,  our 400 clubs, or the Craft Center – there is something for everyone!

Please feel free to contact me throughout the year if you have any questions, comments, or issues.  My office is located in UU 202 and my email is asipresident@calpoly.edu. Have an awesome year!



About Brock Center for Agricultural Communication

The Brock Center for Agricultural Communication has aggressively pursued the following goals to heighten public awareness and understanding of agricultural issues: *Locate and attract prospective undergraduate students who demonstrate aptitude for communication and have an abiding concern for agriculture. *Assist the university's Colleges of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences and Liberal Arts in preparing these students to be effective professional communicators, through learn-by-doing opportunities. *Serve as a resource and vehicle for the continuing education of those in a position to promote the understanding of agriculture. *Promote the professional development of university faculty through teaching, research and service to agriculture communication. *Develop and maintain a website as a resource of information on agricultural issues to serve students, faculty, media professionals, agriculturists and the public.
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