Opening Doors

By Chanel Jensen
Agricultural Communications Major

As an agricultural communication student minoring in equine science, I wanted to spend the summer working for a company to help me gain exposure in both the horse industry and communications. I believe that my summer employment will  prepare me for my dream internship in the coming years which is with the American Paint Horse or American Quarter Horse Journal, both of which hire interns in marketing and journalism.

This summer, I am working at Riding Warehouse, a retail and online store for horse products. We sell tack and riding clothes for western, English, and endurance riders, as well as a myriad of equine grooming and health products. When I was hired in April, I worked in the warehouse, picked products and packed orders which helped me become familiar with how the store and its technology works. After a few weeks, I began my immersion in the storefront, where I worked face to face with customers. I quickly learned that this can be a demanding job. So far, I have learned many lessons about customer service and professionalism. All of these lessons have greatly contributed to improving my communication skills both on the retail floor and on the phone. Having an online store, Riding Warehouse receives a multitude of calls every day. Soon I will be trained to assist customers in this way. I have really come to enjoy the daily customer interactions on the retail floor.

Looking back on my three months working at Riding Warehouse, I can think of many times when I felt I helped a customer purchase a product for themselves and their horses in the best way possible. It’s a great feeling when customers leave satisfied and excited to use their new products. I look forward to having those interactions over the phone as well. My communication skills will only grow.

I believe Riding Warehouse will continue to provide many skills and experiences necessary for obtaining future internships and jobs. Additionally, I feel that Riding Warehouse is helping me to build valuable relationships with the agricultural sector of California’s Central Coast. Not only am I creating professional relationships such as those with customers and management, but I am also making new friends! I love being immersed in an environment with horse crazy college girls, just like me.

Overall, my employment at Riding Warehouse has and will continue to open many doors for me. I look forward to my future with the company and my future in the Agriculture and Equine Industries!RW pic

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