Cal Poly’s J&G Lau Meat Processing Center Success

Reblogged from the California State University blog:

“State of the Art Hands on Learning”

Students at Cal Poly’s J&G Lau Meat Processing Center Learn by Doing. (Photo credit: CSU, 2016)

From humane harvesting to ready-to-eat production development, food safety and packaging, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo students get a comprehensive overview of meat processing in the innovative J and G Lau Family Meat Processing Center. At the forefront of meat production education, the center embraces Cal Poly’s “Learn by Doing” philosophy, providing quality, hands-on experiences in an environment that mirrors the industry students will enter upon graduation.

The facility houses a harvest floor for beef, veal, lamb, pork and goat; a designated area for harvesting chicken and turkey; a space for meat fabrication and processing; a one-truck food processing oven; a ready-to-eat packaging area and ready-to-eat coolers; an area for food-safety testing; and a multi-purpose room for short courses and outreach work. Students are introduced to industry professionals from across the nation as meat science companies utilize the facility for product development, safety testing and marketing. The environment encourages immersion and opportunity in the real world, promoting student success beyond the university.

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