Meet our new agricultural communication students!

The agricultural communication major continues to grow and we are thrilled to welcome so many diverse and enthusiastic freshmen and transfer students. With one of the most impressive classes to date, we thought we should take the time to meet a few of the new ag comm stars. Read below to get a glimpse into Cal Poly’s dynamic students.

Chanel Jensen – Freshman


Q: Where are you from?

A: Colorado

Q: What made you choose Ag Comms at Cal Poly?

A: Cal Poly was my number one choice in schools. What really drew me to CP more than any other factor was all of the agricultural opportunities here. CP has prime land, animals, and facilities. I was specifically drawn to all of the opportunities to work with horses here at CalPoly. I was drawn to ag comms because of how unique it is as a major. Everywhere else I applied, I applied into communications orjournalism majors. However, these majors seem so boring to me, but when applied to agriculture, communications seems so much more exciting and important. I have always been passionate about agriculture, beginning with my first horseback riding lessons at four, to my family’s move to an agricultural area in western Colorado.

Q: How have you gotten involved at Cal Poly and what are your plans for involvement?

A: I have already become so involved here at CalPoly! My activities so far include being in Kappa Alpha Theta, a Panhellenic Sorority here on campus, the Cal Poly Equestrian Team, and Agriculture Communicators of Tomorrow. In the future, i would like to check out the dairy club (I have never worked with dairy, but I want to expand my agricultural knowledge), and being involved in many of the equine enterprises Cal Poly has to offer.

Q: Favorite Cal Poly memory so far?

A: I think my favorite memory so far here at Cal Poly was during WOW week. I had such an amazing time with my group and I made some good friends. My favorite memory from WOW was going to Pirate’s Cove and swimming in the late evening. It was a really cool experience because the water was perfect, the sun was setting, and the sea lions were watching us from their rock perches.

Q: Fun fact about you?

A: I have owned two rescue horses. They require a lot of care and attention, but once you form a bond with an abused horse, it never goes away.

Brittney Tierney
- Transfer (Junior) 


Q: Where are you from?

A: Atascadero, California

Q: What made you choose Cal Poly? Ag Comms?

A: I chose Cal Poly not only because it’s located in beautiful San Luis Obispo or that it’s close to home, however, because of its Learn By Doing Motto. Because this motto allows students many hands-on experiences, in return, they are very successful and versatile within their field. This is something that is very important to me. The college of Agriculture is outstanding and provides many opportunities which is one more reason why I chose Cal Poly.Growing up in 4-H sparked my passion for Agriculture and communication. Having these passions is what drove my decision to major in Agricultural Communication. Specifically, I am interested in educating the public about agriculture through Public Relations and marketing.

Q: How do you plan to get involved while here? What are you most excited for?

I plan to learn about opportunities here by networking with fellow classmates, instructors, and my advisors. I am going to get involved here through clubs, enterprises, internships, and conferences. What I am most excited for are the new skill sets I will acquire, learning about careers specific to my major, making connections, and, most importantly, learning how to become a positive voice for the agricultural Industry.

Q: Favorite part/memory of your first month here at Poly?

A: My favorite part so far, was the first day of my Orientation to Agricultural Communications Class with Dr. Vernon. Each student got a picture with Dr. Vernon, for our “first day of school picture”, then we did a class picture as well. This is my favorite part, because instantly the class become a comfortable friendly environment and, through taking each other’s photo, we got to know our fellow classmates.

Q: Fun fact about you?

A: I will be attending the Agriculture Future of America Leaders Conference this November!!!

James Broaddus – Freshman  

AgCom Logo copy

Q: Where are you from?

A: Davis, CA

Q: What made you choose ag comms at Cal Poly?

A: I have always had an interest in agriculture and sharing information about it. Ag Comms was the perfect balance of all of my interests. I would like to narrow down my interests. I am interested in writing, photography, education, public relations, and public policy.

Q: What are you most excited to get involved with?

A: I am very excited for all of the clubs and organizations on campus.

Q: What’s you favorite memory at Cal Poly so far?

A: The dorms have been very interesting so far, there is always something new happening and going on.

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