Do You Know the Origin of Your Fourth of July Feast?

It’s that time of year again! Red, white and blue has swept the nation in anticipation for the firework-filled Fourth of July weekend. While we all know the significance of this momentous day in history, few know just how large of a role agriculture plays in the average Independence Day celebration.

As the top BBQ day in our country each year, a feast is expected at the forefront of most Fourth of July parties. But where in the world does all of this delicious food come from? Or shall we say “where in the country?”

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  1. Iowa is the largest producer of pork hot dogs and sausages consumed on the Fourth of July.
  2. A large majority of the beef hot dogs, steaks and burgers consumed originate from Texas, Nebraska and Kansas.
  3. If you are chowing down on some barbecued chicken, more likely than not it came from Georgia, Arkansas, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi or Texas.
  4. There’s a 66 percent chance the corn on the cob your tasting came from Florida, California, Georgia, Washington or New York.
  5. There’s a 70 percent chance the juicy tomatoes sandwiched in your burger and sprinkled through your salad came from Florida or California.
  6. There’s a 33 percent chance any baked beans you consume at your patriotic cookout came from North Dakota.
  7. Seventy percent odds show your fresh lettuce is likely from California.
  8. Florida, California, Georgia and Texas are the dominant suppliers of watermelon for this juicy feast.

Bonus Fact: More than 155 million hot dogs are consumed on the Fourth of July (naturally making it the largest hot dog holiday of the year as well).

For more fun facts about the Fourth of July, check out:

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