Who are you voting for? Meet this year’s candidates for CAFES Board of Directors!

Every April lawn stakes, flashy posters and campaign booths decorate Cal Poly’s campus. Candidates running for ASI President and ASI Board of Directors are eager to make their names known and get your vote.  All students are encouraged to cast their votes not only for ASI President, but for their college representatives, which are known as the ASI Board of Directors.

The ASI Board of Directors serves as the legislative body of ASI and official representative voice of Cal Poly students. This year for the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences (CAFES) there are 10 candidates running and only 5 spots available. Voting begins next Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at 7 a.m. and ends Thursday, April 23, 2015 at 7 a.m. Take time this week to learn more about the candidates who want to represent you, starting with reading each of their statements below!

Madison Albiani

11110576_992867354059552_5444881431538399998_oMy name is Madison Albiani; I am a sophomore working towards my degree in animal science here at Cal Poly. My passion for Cal Poly and the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences has lead me to engage in a number of organizations aiming to better the Mustang experience. From involvement with ASI Board of Directors representing the College of Agriculture, to the Cal Poly Western Bonanza Junior Livestock Show, I have worked to fulfill positions in which I can serve the university while further developing my own leadership skills. My involvement in these great organizations has driven me to run for re-election and continue to serve as an ASI Board of Director representing the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Science.

 Seth Borges

11150336_1560911584133596_1165649441794161823_nI am a third year agribusiness student from Visalia, Calif. who is looking to continue representing my college. During my time at Cal Poly I have involved myself in many of the clubs in CAFES. I have been involved in the Agribusiness Management Club, the Ag Communicators of Tomorrow, and have served as a Board of Director for the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences for the past year. From my involvement in these organizations, I have built a diverse network of connections that I can utilize to get student opinion on subjects and represent the true goals of CAFES students. If re-elected to the Board of Directors I will work hard to ensure that the best interests of students are met with any decisions or projects. I look forward to the opportunity to serve and represent the students of CAFES.

Jana Colombini

10985219_818621324851827_6145193997525011492_nMy name is Jana Colombini and I am a 11037708_800495159997777_3063762548711580310_nsecond year agricultural science major. Growing up on a farm in the small town of Linden, Calif. I learned the importance of agriculture. I would like to represent the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment Sciences again and will continue do so with integrity, respect and honesty. Serving our college this past year on the ASI Board of Directors has given me the experience I need to continue to represent our college well. This past year, I served as the Chair of the It’s On Us Week Committee to work towards ending sexual assault at Cal Poly. I would like to continue my work into next year to ensure a better Cal Poly. As one of your representatives on the ASI Board of Directors, I will make sure your voice is heard and continue to work tirelessly to represent you.

Eric Djanie

10608493_875342942493964_7274272577713081552_oMy name is Eric Djanie, I am an animal science major, and I am running for the position of Board of Directors in order to be a voice for the students of The College of Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences. Currently, I am involved with several student groups on campus, as well as being the host for KCPR’s Time With Eric, where I discuss inspirational topics that I believe can help students achieve success. Additionally, in the past I have been involved with other student government organizations and business management boards, which have provided me with the necessary skills needed to represent and advocate on behalf of students. Furthermore, I believe in truth, responsibility, hard work, and honesty, and I promise that if elected, I will fight for my fellow students with all of my heart and passion.

Leo Farias

2115611_origI am running for Board of Directors at Cal Poly. ―My name is Leo Farias; I have a lot of experience working with various committees, clubs, events, and organizations. Including an elected position with Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and Associated Students of Merced College. At Cal Poly, I am very active with clubs and committees and I truly believe that I am one of the most qualified individuals running for any position, but that doesn’t matter nearly as much as the reason that I am running; which is to make a difference in your life. I want to be your voice, your advocate, your innovator and be at your service. I truly believe that power finds its purpose when it is put at the service of others. I care about the students at Cal Poly and I will do everything I can to represent them well.

Emily Dale

1891381_10206486278378360_4899637791836002052_oAs a first year agricultural communication major and a student in the college of agriculture, I was eager to become part of a variety of clubs including: The Cal Poly Tractor Pull, Agriculture Communicators of Tomorrow, Agriculture Ambassadors and Fremont Inter Housing Council. Previous to college, I have held leadership positions in the Future Farmers of America such as Chapter President and North Coast Region Vice President in addition to being the president of my class at Fortuna High School. These diverse experiences and my fresh mind and perspective are what make me an ideal candidate for the board of directors. The board of directors represents the entire college, and I would be honored to serve as a representative of the younger students at Cal Poly. It would be a privilege to serve and represent the college of agriculture and it’s students on the board of directors.

Shane Gillard

10830547_910036552371366_4102752174282579884_oHello all, my name is Shane Gillard, and I would love to have the opportunity to serve on the 2015-2016 ASI Board of Directors representing CAFES. Becoming involved in clubs and activities such as the Agribusiness Management Club and Week of Welcome opened my eyes to opportunities within ASI. I believe I would be a great candidate because of my father’s “3 P’s”– Passion, Purpose, and Perspective. My experiences with FFA and 4-H have fed my passion for agriculture, which will guide me to make the best decisions for our college. My purpose – having the drive to perform at my absolute best in all situations. My perspective offers a unique approach to how I view the school in ways that can bring fresh insights. I would be a motivated, and innovative candidate that demonstrates a high level of professionalism. CAFES students use your brain, and vote for Shane!

Riley Nilsen

11155044_863664450323676_6073951526032991445_oMy name is Riley Nilsen and I aspire to serve you as a representative on the Board of Directors. I believe in our students’ ability to electrify our campus, and I want to serve CAFES by representing our needs, breaking communication barriers, and ensuring positive use of student fees. I was born and raised locally on the central coast, and desire to continue my roots in farming through my major of Agricultural Sciences, with the ultimate goal of becoming an Agricultural Educator. I believe that my past experiences in student government, FFA, club volleyball, and working as a conference facilitator, can be utilized as assets to the Board. On campus, I am currently an active member in Collegiate FFA and Agricultural Ambassadors, and also serve as the Marketing Director for Fremont Hall. It would be an honor to represent our student body to its fullest potential within our college.

Thomas Sawyer

176647_948466331844305_1949248345640776496_oAs a second year Agricultural Business major I have come to love the college of ag and all of the great opportunities and experiences that come with being a CAFES major. My agricultural background rooted from growing up on a production dairy farm in the Central Valley and learning values of diligent labor showing that hard work is the key to success in all walks of life. Through joining and becoming an involved member of the Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity, I have developed an even greater appreciation for Agriculture and all that it represents, and now aspires me to join something even greater. I am excited for the opportunity to campaign for the ASI Board of Directors for the College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences, and am devoted to making our great college even better!

Holly Wilson

1613915_805086012908366_7605107340987696176_nHi y’all! My name is Holly, and I am a second-year agricultural communication major, minoring in equine science. I grew up in the Central Valley, in the town of Kingsburg. In high school I was an editor for the yearbook and a writer for the school newspaper, and so far in my college career, I have served as the Communications Director for Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. I feel like my diverse network of connections within Cal Poly will enable me to be a fair representation of our student body. I want to plant my roots in Board of Directors in order to expand upon my leadership experience, and help to serve as a bridge between the student body and ASI. I have a LOT of great ideas, and I hope that you all will find faith in me, and trust me to turn your ideas into reality. Go Mustangs!

For more information about the election go to http://www.asi.calpoly.edu/asi_elections.
All candidate statements were gathered directly from the ASI website.

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