SLO FFA Celebrates Easter One Chick at a Time

Note: No animals were harmed in the process of this educational experiment!

Bates Phone Pictures 1401

For many of us, Easter festivities include Sunday mass, egg hunts and endless chocolate bunnies. But for the San Luis Obispo Future Farmers of America chapter, their Easter celebration was nothing short of colorful.


In typical hands-on-FFA fashion, freshman agricultural science students dyed fertilized chicken eggs to produce vibrant and fluffy chicks, just in time for Easter. This experiment served as a supplement to the students’ embryology unit seeing as chick development is very similar to human development. With in-house incubators, students took part in the production process from day one to hatching.

Bates Phone Pictures 1339Plates with Needles and Syringes

The end result was a plethora of brightly colored chicks spanning from green to purple to blue! Unfortunately, as the chicks grow older and their feathers come in, the pastel fuzz will disappear.

Check out the attached experiment instruction sheet and facts about the hatching process process to see how agricultural teacher Anna Bates guided her students throughout the project!

Egg Injection Instructions

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