Team Brock’s 2015 Resolutions

resolutionsHappy new year and Winter Quarter from the Brock Center! We are excited to see what exciting opportunities 2015 holds for us. Last year the Brock Center had many great accomplishments and our hope is to achieve even bigger things in 2015. The staff is already getting busy working on various projects including the first Ag Circle issue of 2015! We would like to share with you some our resolutions for 2015 – which we plan on keeping!

1. Build a Stronger Connection with Cal Poly’s Journalism Department
Not far from our little office is another department filled with many great resources we hope to utilize this year. Additionally, we would like to invite more journalism students to write for both the Brock Center blog and Ag Circle.

2. Promote More Agricultural Events
Every weekend throughout the state of California and the country, there are great agriculture events and conventions taking place. In 2015, the Brock Center plans to help promote and advertise the other agriculture events, conventions and ideas. Did you know that this weekend the California Women for Agriculture State Convention is being held in San Luis Obispo at Madonna Inn? For more information check out their Facebook page!

3. Recruit New, Young Talent!
The Brock Center is always looking for new ideas and fresh faces to help us contribute to our projects. In 2015 we are going to actively be seeking out help from new students so we can continue to grow in new ways.

4. Enter More Student Work in the NACT Critique Contest
Every summer, the Cal Poly Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow travels to the Agricultural Media Summit (AMS). At AMS, students from all across the nation submit work to be critiqued and judged by professionals. Last year the Brock Center was proud to win the Excellence in Publications award. While it is our goal to win again this year, we also want to help other students get recognized for individual work and help build their professional portfolios.

5. Grow Our Videography Skills
The Brock Center has yet to venture into videography, but plans to start in 2015 by learning how to use Adobe Premiere. Be on the look out for some exciting videos to come from the Brock Center in 2015!

Be sure to keep up with our social media pages, blog and new issues of Ag Circle this year! Happy 2015!

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