A Glimpse into the World of Printing

Written by Sonja Eschenburg, Animal Science Student
Photos provided by PRP Companies

Todd Ventura took the time to talk with students and educate them about the printing process at PRP Companies.

As a student minoring in Agricultural Communication, I havenot had much experience with printing processes. After a tour at PRP Companies for my Agricultural Publications class, I was not only introduced to modern methods in printing, but also various design, apparel, creative, web and mailing techniques. To say the least, PRP Companies was not what I expected — it was better.

What I thought was a simple printing company, turned out to be an entirely new approach on creative and executive development, all combined into one process.

The goal of PRP Companies is to eliminate the risk of miscommunication and instead save its customers both time and money. Specializing in a variety of services allows it’s experts to utilize multiple resources to create a final product that successfully advertises their customer’s brand and simultaneously optimizes its presence within the community.

Students got a chance to test out one of the machines which cuts large amounts of paper.
Students got a chance to test out one of the machines which bulk paper.

Recognizing that each process fits together and taking into consideration how exactly it fits together is what makes PRP Companies. This insight alone makes them more efficient, allowing for maximization of both their employees’ effort and their customers’ savings.

None of this would be possible without Paso Robles native and Administrative President Todd Ventura. Having graduated from Cal Poly with an animal science degree, PRP Companies was notexactly the type of field Todd expected to be working in after college. However, by putting a twist on things, He has managed to include his agricultural background at PRP Companies.

Todd’s goal for the company is to help make branding and production easier for other small businesses looking to make a big impact. During our tour I saw that Todd has successfully been doing projects for several ranches: big and small. Many of PRP Companies’ clients are cattlemen producing bull sale catalogs.  After flipping through brochures and magazines produced by PRP Companies, I can see why their clients made the choice to print there and why PRP’d future in the community will continue to have strong impacts.



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