AMS: Top 5 Things We Learned / Day 2

Written by Jordan Dunn, Editor in Chief 

Howdy! It’s day 2 at the 2014 Agricultural Media Summit and boy did we learn a lot today! Today was consisted of workshops, an award ceremony and visiting the Info Expo.

First off, congratulations to the editors and contributors to the Ag Circle magazine, as Ag Circle was awarded Excellence in Publications in the NACT Critique Contest!

photo (12)
Jordan, Rylin, Katie, Giuliana and Harrison after the NACT Awards.

With our first round of workshops down, we’ve come up with the top 5 things we’ve learned so far:

1. Harrison Reilly: There are  more ways to look at writing news stories than the typical inverted pyramid. 

2. Jordan Dunn: There’s an easy way to seamlessly work between GoogleDocs and InDesign. 

3. Rylin Lindahl: Using the flash on your camera creates unnatural light, because the sun is never directly above your camera. Instead, place the external flash and/or reflectors at a more natural/realistic angle for a better result. 

4. Giuliana Marchini: Innovation needs abrasion. Different outlooks and opinions coming together can generate great ideas.

5. Katie Roberti: Indiana is the second largest soybean producing state. 


Stay tuned for more tomorrow! In the meantime, keep up with us via twitter (@AgCircleMag)

photo (13)


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