Ag Media Summit: Intro / Day 1

Written by Jordan Dunn, Editor in Chief

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the first post of our Agricultural Media Summit Blog Series, where we [Katie Roberti, Harrison Reilly, Giuliana Marchini, Rylin Lindahl & myself] will be recapping you with what we are experiencing at the 2014 AMS in Indianapolis, IN. We’ll cover everything from our deep dive session workshops to our explorations around the city, so try to keep up!


DAY 1  – July 27

AMS 2014
Jordan Dunn, Katie Roberti, Rylin Lindahl, Giuliana Marchini and Harrison Reilly fresh out of an ACT workshop!

Today is our first full day at AMS. Yesterday (Saturday) was our travel day, but we were able to meet up with most of the ACT members that had already arrived. So far, everything has gone smoothly – besides maybe our rainy trip to Steak & Shake [hence the hats].

Stake&Shake AMS 2014
Harrison, Giuliana, Katie, our waitress, Rylin and Jordan at Steak & Shake.

After seeing [and going to the top of] a 330ft monument, visiting the NCAA Hall of Champions and visiting a zoo, we put on our costumes and made our way to the famous Welcome Party! The 2014 theme was “All-Star Sports”, which we found fitting for Indianapolis.

AMS 2014 Welcome Party
Jordan, Rylin, Giuliana, Harrison and Katie dressed up for the “All-Star Sports” Welcome Party.

After a long day of time zone recovery and miles of walking, we are ready to start AMS off with a day of workshopping and networking!

Follow us on twitter (@agcirclemag) for live updates throughout each day of AMS, and stay tuned for some more blog posts!


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