The Universal Open House Exhibit

Written By: Haley Colombo

While sitting in the Ag Communicators of Tomorrow (ACT) booth in Ag Circle on Saturday selling snow cones at Open House, I was overcome by one uniform feeling: pride. I was proud to be a Mustang and an agricultural communicator supporting the cause and career I have chosen to embrace and pursue. As I looked out over Ag Circle and the other booths around me, I saw that my fellow classmates were feeling the same way I was.

I could smell the deep fried magic of the Crops Club’s fried artichokes that I had heard so much about. I saw booths supporting clubs like the Fair Trade Club that I didn’t even know existed at Cal Poly. I watched people walk around with ice cream from the CFFA booth, and saw Dr. Vernon walking around with a milk shake from dairy club he had been anticipating in class a week earlier.

The variation in clubs and students from different areas filled me with pride for my school and agriculture: there truly is something for everyone in both regardless of interests, beliefs, or ways you live your life.

I was also overcome by the pride of the parents, grandparents, and other family members walking around and experiencing the magic of Cal Poly, and what their loved ones were fortunate enough to be a part of. I met proud fathers and adorable grandmothers proudly wearing stickers or pins to show off that they had a stake in the Mustang legacy. Past and future students were also present all over campus returning to support Cal Poly or ecstatic to begin their journey as Mustangs.

I take pride in my education and my passion for agriculture and am proud that I am part of a school that so exceptionally allows me to combine the two. In addition, looking around I saw countless other perfect combination provided by Cal Poly.

I may have appeared to just be sitting in a booth selling snow cones, but I was doing so much more. Surrounded by peers, professors, parents and so many others I was being reminded of what an exceptional university I am lucky enough to attend and be apart of. The real and most important exhibition at open house is Mustang pride.

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