5 Things Every Graduating Ag Senior Must Do Before Graduation

It’s that time of the year again where graduating seniors are counting down the days until graduation. For some, June 14th can’t come soon enough, where others burst into tears just thinking of the weekend. But no matter what your feelings are toward graduating, there is one thing everyone can agree with. These last ten weeks as Cal Poly students have to be EPIC!

So, here are five things every agriculture student must do before graduating:

1. Go to the Arboretum 

The arboretum is definitely one of those forgotten gems on campus. With all of the sunny days coming our way this quarter, make sure you move your studying from the dreary library to the green grass of the arboretum. All you have on your schedule this quarter is bowling and tractor driving? No problem, head out to the arboretum with the friends you’ll miss the most after graduation.

2. Eat a Pint of Cal Poly Ice Cream Every Week

While you’re at it, try every flavor available. Enough said.

3. Tractor Pull

Next weekend is the infamous Cal Poly Open House. Amongst other great activities, is the Cal Poly Tractor Pull. Without trying to get too mushy, this is the last Tractor Pull you will ever see as a Cal Poly student! Sure, you’ll come back as an alumni…but unfortunately, it’ll never be the same!

4. Take a selfie with a Cal Poly Calf

I think they call this a “felfie” aka #farmselfie. Try it, give it a filter and make your non Cal Poly friends jealous.

5. And finally, the holy grail of all selfies, you just have to take a selfie with President Armstrong

Check out Agricultural Communications sophomore, Katie Roberti’s #winning selfie with President Armstrong himself. It is possible folks. You will be the envy of all your friends, believe me.


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