Cal Poly Takes Nashville

Written By: Katie Roberti, second year Agricultural Communications student

If you’re in the cattle business then there is no better place to be the first week of February than in Nashville at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s annual convention. This event is an amazing opportunity for cattle industry members to network, establish new policy and learn the latest information about the beef industry while having fun in the City of Music.

This year, Cal Poly’s Young Cattlemen’s Committee (YCC) sent twelve members to the convention. The networking opportunities and knowledge that students gain at this extravagant four-day event is a fantastic way to get internships and an important step in preparing for potential careers in the cattle industry.

Jacob Rodgers, Vice President of Cal Poly YCC said, “This trip has introduced me to some of the foremost experts in the beef field and opened my mind to innovative ideas in the beef industry.”

The cattle industry is a large and broad industry. With over 7,000 attendees at this convention alone the amount of information and advice gained can be endless. As an agricultural communications student being surrounded by people of all ages who are passionate about the agriculture industry is an inspiring experience.

The American National Cattlewomen’s President opened the first general session of the convention by saying, “If you don’t tell your stories, someone else will.”

It’s easy to lose sight and forget about the importance of advocating, but the truth is the future of the agriculture industry depends on people who are willing to fight for it. The cattlemen and women I’ve met and interacted with the past three days have reminded me of the importance of sharing our stories and why it’s important for members of YCC to advocate for agriculture and the beef industry both on and off Cal Poly’s campus everyday.

ImageDowntown Nashville (photo via Katie Roberti)


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