Having Fun With “Ag” Libs

It’s finals week here at Cal Poly, and everyone is feeling the stress of taking finals. What a better way to de-stress than have a little fun with some MadLibs! Ours is just like the ones you did in elementary school, but with an agriculture twist! We like to call them “Ag” Libs!

Here’s how it works: Just write down one word for each number, then plug them in and read your “Ag” Lib!

  1. Proper Noun
  2. Adjective
  3. Plural Noun
  4. Plural Noun
  5. Verb Ending In “-ing”
  6. Type of Animal (Plural)
  7. Proper Noun
  8. Place
  9. Adjective
  10. Verb Ending In “-s”
  11. Verb Ending In “-ing”
  12. Noun
  13. Noun

Now plug in your words:

Howdy! My name is Farmer ___(1)___, and I live on my ___(2)___ farm. My family and I grow ___(3)___ and ___(4)___ on our farm. We have daily chores, like ___(5)___ the pigs, milking the ___(6)___, and feeding the chickens. Our daughters Sally, Kate, and ___(7)___ are responsible for cleaning up the ___(8)___ every day. Things can get pretty ___(9)___ on the farm, so we have to get up before the rooster ___(10)___ and spend a lot of time ___(11)___ things up. Like I always say, “The early ___(12)___ gets the ___(13)___!”

Make sure to share your funniest “Ag” Lib with us!

Here is an example: (1) John (2) happy (3) corn (4) cotton (5) washing (6) cows (7) Lisa (8) barn (9) messy (10) crows (11) cleaning (12) bird (13) worm

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