Movember Dairy

Have you ever wondered what the Brock Center editors would look like with mustaches? Well readers today is your lucky day…aren’t we dashing?MUSTACHESNow you ask, why in the world are we sporting mustaches?! Brock Center has teamed up with Filament Marketing in Madison, Wis. to increase awareness of Movember Dairy.

Movember Dairy is an initiative within the dairy industry to raise awareness of men’s health. Shockingly, one in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime…and our dear farmers are not spared from this statistic.

We all know that dairy farmers put their entire heart and soul into taking care of their “girls” each and every day. But more often than not, their own health issues are brushed off. Movember Dairy hopes to encourage men to take a proactive step in their health and get regular check-ups.

We’d love to hear your stories…has the dairy farmer in your life ever suffered from cancer? What will you do to advocate for the cause? Join the conversation at

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