Joining A New League: Agriculture Meets Athletes

When I heard the two words “agriculture” and “communications” conjoined together, I immediately knew what I was going to study at Cal Poly. I have never regretted that crucial decision for a moment.

But what makes me even happier than a Venti iced coffee at 3 p.m. on a Wednesday is when other students discover the value and significance of Agricultural Communications and decide to join our great little department.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Ag Comms. latest inductee….here is her story:

Written By: Elise Krieghoff, soon-to-be Agricultural Communications sophomore

Hi aggies!

I’m Elise Krieghoff, a second year student-athlete here at Cal Poly.  At this point in college, I have made the huge decision to change my major from Biology to Agricultural Communications.

There are several reasons why I’m changing, but the main reason being I am from Fresno, California {also known as “the valley”} and I found it hard to believe I wasn’t participating in a major that shows off of my roots…literally.

I grew up around the Fresno State vineyards and constantly watched the different seasons of fruits and veggies year in and year out. I began to realize what an impact agriculture has had on me throughout my years of living in a county so well known for its agriculture.

I hope to bring the same sense of teamwork on the soccer field to this unique department. And most of all, participate in the awesome hands on field trips!

To read more about Elise, click here for a recent article about her soccer achievements in the Mustang News.

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