Owning the Drama

Story By: Mandy Brazil, Associate Editor

America loves drama. We can’t deny it. Take a moment and think about the fastest way to achieve national notoriety – infamously or not. Where would Snookie or Kim Kardashian be without drama? To make someone, or something, a little more interesting and a lot better known, sometimes all it takes is to add a little “spice” to the issue.61973_4165468131305_48591574_n

Drama hones in on our natural human curiosity and drives us to want to learn more. It is a tremendously effective tool in advertising and is often used as a call to action. Many successful campaigns use emotion and curiosity manipulation to encourage people to take a stance.

Animal rights organizations use this strategy as their main approach. Although I am not a fan of their message or the method in which they collect much of their content for their so-called “undercover” videos, there is something to be said about their campaigns from an advertising viewpoint. The drama is effective. As an industry that often has to be on the defense as a direct result of animal right’s organizations work, maybe we need to analyze what they are doing so right to attract so much public support. Maybe we should stop focusing on being frustrated at how good they are and instead strive to increase industry transparency, avoid preaching to the choir of our own agriculturalists, and reach out from a different angle.


Blogger and dairywoman, Dairy Carrie took the approach of fighting fire with fire with her own homemade “undercover” video in recent blog post. She had huge success with her video titled: “Shocking undercover dairy video hits home.” In just one day, her video had over 10,000 views!

The video was shared through her Facebook page and on her blog. Both of these social media channels are free and accessible to all of us AG-vocates. Dairy Carrie made a huge difference with a clever heading and an under-two-minute video. Her posts are consistent with what social media messages should be: necessary and truthful. Check out her blog and video here!

What can you do to help the industry reach a better place in consumers’ minds? Be creative. Be honest. And, when in doubt, be a little dramatic.



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