Super Bowl Snacking

Written By: Amanda Meneses, Associate Editor

You know those incredibly random early morning trivia questions radio hosts ask listeners to call in to answer? This particular Monday, the question caught my attention:

“What day of the year has the 2nd largest consumption of foods by Americans?” 

Well the largest day of consumption in America is really a no brainer…Thanksgiving, of course! But the second day was a bit more challenging. Do you think you got it?

Well if you guessed, Super Bowl Sunday, you are correct! Super Bowl Sunday is filled with glorious snacks, dips, and treats to make even those people who can’t stand football appreciate the game for a day! Check out a couple of our favorite football snacks here:


(photo and recipe by Plain Chicken)

Add a little dairy in your life this Sunday with this yummy mozzarella cheese snack.

Bacon Guacamole 500 4970

(photo and recipe by ClosetCooking)

Love bacon and guacamole?? This is the recipe for you! Grab those avocados and bacon before they’re all gone this weekend.

No matter the outcome Sunday evening, make sure you spend your Superbowl Sunday with friends, family and a table full of yummy snacks!

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