Agri Blogging Faves

Story by Amanda Meneses, Associate Editor 

One of my favorite pastimes after a long and stressful day is to curl up with a cup of coffee and read some of my favorite blogs. As I sit at my favorite coffee shop in SLO, Sally Loo’s, I am pondering the question: What makes a good blog? More specifically, what makes a good agriculture blog?

1. First it has to grab my attention immediately. Whether that’s from reading the first sentence or through eye-catching graphics, I won’t spend much time on one blog if I’m not immediately intrigued.

2. Agriculture is not an easy subject to comprehend at times, so an agriculture blog must make things easy to fully understand and grasp. If we want non-agriculturists to be engaged by agriculture, we must write with them in mind.

3. Finally, when I look for blogs, I am looking for personality and uniqueness. I want to feel like I’m actually there. I want to hear the voice of the writer and get a glimpse of who they are. Agriculturists are the most passionate people I know, so I should be able to feel their passion while I read a blog.

Here are some agriculture blogs I have recently found, check them out for yourself:

1. The Social Silo: First of all, how can you not love the name? SO CLEVER! Second, this blog challenges non-agriculturists to think a little about where their food comes from, “to make us all think and grow a little.”

2. 47 Japanese Farms: If you’re looking for adventure, this is the blog to follow! Two FEMALE Americans on a journey through Japan’s 47 prefectures to capture the stories of Japan’s farmers and rural communities. Can you say major girl power?

3. AgWired: Those individuals who understand plenty about agriculture will appreciate this blog on the latest news in the agriculture industry. Even better? You can follow them on Twitter as well to be fully connected!

These are only three of the MANY agriculture blogs out there!

Do you have a favorite agriculture blog? Share it with us!

If you prefer a good book, agriculture has plenty of those too. Our college librarian keeps a list of all the new books at Kennedy Library that relate to agriculture, food and environmental sciences. Check out the new book list!

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