Brock Center is Thankful for…

Intro by Amanda Meneses

I am on the lookout for an ugly Christmas sweater, I am guilty of already playing Christmas music in my car, I can not wait until Black Friday, and I’m ashamed to admit exactly how many cheesy Hallmark movies Taylor and I have already watched. But isn’t this the same with all of us? The moment our calendar turns November we get wrapped up into the magic of the holidays and can’t help but overlook Thanksgiving! Here at the Brock Center we have plenty to be thankful for, and wanted to take a moment to share the spirit of Thanksgiving.

My BIG Fat Portuguese Family -Amanda Meneses

This past week the Portuguese community in my hometown lost a cherished and influential man to an unexpected massive heart attack. While reflecting on the times I had shared with John, his huge smile, laughter and genuine love for the Portuguese culture came to mind! I am so thankful for the Portuguese community I was raised in. Because of it, I have friends who are more like siblings, memories that have filled my life with joy, and a culture and language I hope to share with my children someday. John’s passing has reminded me how much I am thankful for my heritage and how crucial it will be to keep it alive.

Open Doors and Open Hearts –Taylor Pires

Open doors. Everywhere I turn there seems to be an opportunity waiting for me. How blessed am I? At Cal Poly, I have the amazing opportunity to be a part of the Brock Center and tell the story of agriculture, along with some extremely talented and passionate writers, advocates, editors, designers and photographers. In the agriculture community, there is no end to opportunities to get experience through an internship, to gain leadership skills through a club or organization, or to see the country and expand your network through professional development conferences. I am so thankful for open doors, and those that hold them open for me.

Open hearts. I have realized this year more than any other how my life has been touched by people besides the friends and family that I know and adore. This summer at my internship, people in the office who barely knew me welcomed me into their “family” without hesitation. My first week at World Wide Sires felt like I had already been there for months because of the warmth and genuine friendship from my co-workers. I am thankful for their open hearts. I am thankful for every “stranger” that has opened their heart to me and become a friend or like family.

Connections and Country Music –Jennifer Ray

I make new friends every day. They may not become close friends right away. I may not even catch their name. But, sharing a smile and a few kind words with a stranger instantly brightens my day. I am grateful for the friends I have made in my classes at Cal Poly, in the Brock Center and across the nation, through the National Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow organization. I value the connections I have made and the relationships I continue to build.

My last blog post was about country rock band, Chaparral. I had the opportunity to meet this band when they played at my cousin’s wedding rehearsal dinner. I became friends with the band members and was able to share their story and music with a few of my own friends. Music also  has a unique way of connecting people. Country music, especially, is a way to share stories and to relate to one another. I guess that’s what I love most about country music, the way it brings people together.

Our Humbling Earth -Mandy Brazil

One story a talented AgCircle writer submitted for our upcoming issue (be excited to read it VERY soon) was on compost. In working with the writer, the point came up that soil is not just dirt. To be honest, I had not really made the distinction before between the two. Dirt is dirt, right? It stains clothes, moms yell at kids for tracking it in the house and, in the words of Brad Paisley, gives the chance to “get a little mud on the tires.”

Apparently, although I hate to admit it, I don’t know dirt.

Correction, I don’t know soil. Soil is filled with life giving properties to create the beautiful landscapes that I take for granted much too often. Think about it, the seemingly insignificant soil that we walk on every day literally makes our world. The trees we got stuck in as kids, the flowers every girl, whether-or-not-they-admit-it, expects for Valentines Day, and the brussel sprouts that you will try not to make eye contact with at your Thanksgiving Dinner, all came from the soil. I am thankful for the rolling hills in my hometown of Petaluma, rows of crops growing food and forests of resources to build warm fires in the winter. That is why, I am thankful for soil.

Finally, we are thankful for…YOU. Thank you to our readers, writers, designers, photographers, professors, family and anyone else who has made this quarter at the Brock Center and the upcoming Winter Issue of Ag Circle a success!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Brock Center family!

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