One More Voting Poll Still Open

Story by Mandy Brazil, Associate Editor

The “I Voted” stickers have fallen off, political tiffs between friends via Facebook arguments have been smoothed over and legislative interruptions of Hulu video streams will hopefully return to slightly normal. However, your duty as a proactive citizen is not over yet. One poll still remains open…The HolsteinWorld™ Collegiate Video Contest!

Dairy Science Departments throughout the nation are competing for the right to call themselves the best dairy program in the nation. This is the second year that HolsteinWorld™ has sponsored the contest and has had great participation so far! Video statistics are showing that viewers are not only watching from all over the nation, but internationally as well.

The purpose of the competition is to showcase what respective universities have to offer potential students. Many dairy science programs have unique aspects students might not be aware of when applying to schools. The short videos give current students the opportunity to share why they are proud to attend their school. It is also a way to give a preview of campus and agriculture facilities. In the words of HolsteinWorld™, “if a picture is worth a thousand words, then video footage is priceless!”

We interviewed several students from within the department and it was clear that Cal Poly has something a little different. The Learn by Doing philosophy and supportive community of faculty has truly made a difference in their college experience. Whether a current student, an alum, or friend of Cal Poly, you know that Cal Poly provides something special for its students. In the words of one second year Dairy Science student, “I actually really want to come to school in the morning.”

Similar to other agriculture units at Cal Poly, the Cal Poly Dairy gives students the opportunity to be involved with the full spectrum of the dairy industry – from working on a fully functioning commercial dairy to developing dairy products at the creamery. Students and faculty are proud of the program’s scope and lasting impact it leaves on those involved. Like Cal Poly alum from other departments, Cal Poly Dairy Science graduates leave with impressive experiences and practical knowledge.

Hear testimonials straight from the students in the Cal Poly Dairy Science Department Video on the HolsteinWorld™ Productions website. And please, vote soon and vote often for Cal Poly!

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