Back to Brock: Let’s Do It Again

Story by Editor-In-Chief, Jennifer Ray

It is officially fall and our pencils are sharp! As a complete ag nerd, it brings me great pleasure to return to school and begin a new year at the Brock Center for Agricultural Communication. It may seem silly but the start of a new school year always reminds me of a quote Meg Ryan says in the movie, You’ve Got Mail. “Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly-sharpened pencils…” Well, Cal Poly isn’t exactly near New York and the weather is consistently beautiful year-round here, but it still feels like a new season to me. The fall quarter began last week and the Brock Center is prepared to once again share stories about the industry we love.

The new Brock Center editorial team has already met twice and we are well-on-our-way to producing another wonderful issue of Ag Circle. (Winter 2012. Expect it around November 26.) I was lucky enough to be a part of last year’s  team and  will serve one more year, my senior year. (How is this already senior year? I haven’t a clue.) The new team has giant shoes to fill, but it’s nothing we can’t do. Last year our magazine won First Place Magazine and the Excellence in Publications Award at the National Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow Critique and Contest!!!

Although, there is no way to replace David, Carrie and Leslie’s unique and charming personalities and I do miss them greatly, the new team is pretty awesome! Below is a picture of last year’s team (top ) and the new team, Amanda, Mandy, myself and Taylor (bottom). We have already formed a little family of editors working hard and discussing some BIG plans for the new year.

It was funny how Taylor asked me if she could play some music while we were working in the office the other day. No one from last year’s team would have asked that! Then, she asked if the volume was acceptable or too distracting. Distracting?? Please, I’ve worked with David Jones! This new politeness might take some getting used to, but I welcome the change! I think the only compliments exchanged  between staff members last year were those required by the sticky note’s policy for  “purchasing” an M&M from our office gum-ball machine. (Not that we didn’t love each other; we just had interesting ways of expressing it.)

Some exciting things to look forward to this year: a fantastic Winter 2012 issue that includes everything from alpacas and compost to rodeo and wine. Also, we plan to continue posting new and exciting things each week on this blog (a blog initiated by last year’s team).  This blog gives us another chance to share stories, beyond the three issues of Ag Circle we publish within the year. We plan to amp-up our social media usage and tweak our editing process to make it a little easier when the deadlines start to creep up. We also created a writing tips sheet to help our writers craft the best stories possible. It’s good to be back to Brock and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish this year!

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