Five Cal Poly students will be studying at the Seinajoki University of Applied Sciences in Finalnd this fall. The group is already getting aquainted with Finland’s forestry indutry. Check out this blog by Cal Poly student and Ag Circle writer and photographer, Valerie Grant.

Logger's Daughter (metsurin tytär)

Check out my first attempt at a blog video. We traveled to Jämsä Finland for our Finnish Silviculture class with our professor Juha. The feller bunchers cut, fell, limb, buck and stack the tree in one swipe. One feller buncher keeps two loader trailers busy. The FinnMETKO had 40,000-50,000 visitors at three sites over three days! This was the best introduction to Finland forestry we could ask for.  The techno version of Summer of 69 was actually blaring in the background for our explanation of Scandinavian harvest systems. We thought the song was pretty funny and quite fitting for this amped up event.

For more information about FinnMETKO visit

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