Cal Poly Meats at Home in New Location

Cal Poly Meats settled in at its new home on July 26. The sales location moved from the Food Processing Building (behind Campus Market) to the J and G Lau Meat Processing Center on Stenner Creek Road. Although this new spot might seem far from the campus hub, sales are on the rise.

“I have a lot of returning customers that have come up here,” Cal Poly Meats employee, Brett Story said.

Brett is a senior Food Science major, minoring in Meat Science. Brett will graduate in December and hopes to work in the sausage industry. He showed me around the new facility and I got to watch him make a sale. Below, Brett completes the transaction with a first-time customer. This customer is a Cal Poly alumnus and local engineer. He was just given a BBQ for his birthday, so he came to Cal Poly for some meat!

Below, Brett does some computer work. He says sales have gone up in the past few weeks! He hopes Cal Poly Meats can get more signs made to help people discover the new location .

Cal Poly Meats is open from 12:00p.m. to 5:30p.m. every Thursday and Friday. They sell meat (of course), along with hats, aprons and even pet treats. Brett explained how Cal Poly Meats has started making use of bones by selling them as pet treats.

Thanks to the J and G Lau Meat Processing Center, Cal Poly Meats now does everything from harvesting to packaging and sales. Before, Cal Poly Meats and meat science classes began at the fabrication stage and the largest carcasses students ever saw were beef quarters. Now, students can see the entire process.

“It’s just kind of neat to see it from field to fork,” Brett said.

The student employees are able to experience what it’s really like to work in the meat industry. One way Cal Poly has responded to the increasing price of ground beef (rather than passing that price directly to the consumers) is developing more specialty products. They are currently marketing their summer sausage, a product known to have a little “tang.”

“I like working out here because I’m doing something different each day,” Brett said.

It seems that Cal Poly Meats is finally at home in its new facility. Don’t take my word for. Check it out for yourself. You can contact Cal Poly Meats at (805) 756-2114 or Or visit them on Facebook.

This story was written by Jennifer Ray.

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