US Dairy Farmers Care

This post was written by Carrie Isaacson. Visit her online portfolio and blog here

I love milk. Just like my mom always told me, milk makes me strong. Milk keeps me healthy. Milk makes me happy.

Apparently, I am not alone in my love of milk- in 2010, each American consumed 72 gallons of milk. That totals out to be 22 billion gallons of milk consumed in the United States alone. Clearly, America likes their dairy products. But do they love their dairy farmers?

Below is a video from Merck Animal Health. The video is all about showing the consumer how much American dairy farmers care for the animals, and how much they do to make sure we can each enjoy out 72 gallons of milk each year. Dairy farmers work 365 days a year to produce a delicious, safe and nutritious product for us. In addition to providing us with dairy products, each time a farmer adds a cow to their operation, $25,000 is added to the local community. This only proves to me how much dairy farmers rock and how much we should appreciate them.

Watch this video and you will see all the other ways dairy farmers take care of us each and every day. Thanks Merck Animal Health for reminding us that dairy farmers do more than just give us a glass of milk- they take care of us.

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