Food for Thought

Written by Carrie Isaacson, Brock Center Associate Editor

Seems like an easy question right? They grow crops and livestock, right? Well, that is very true, but American farmers grow much more than just corn, soybeans and tomatoes. This video from and Monsanto reminds American consumers that American Farmers grow jobs, clothes and so much more. I hope this video spreads quickly throughout the country and helps to communicate to consumers just how vital American Agriculture is to every second of our lives. Please, pass this video on and help to spread the message!

About Brock Center for Agricultural Communication

The Brock Center for Agricultural Communication has aggressively pursued the following goals to heighten public awareness and understanding of agricultural issues: *Locate and attract prospective undergraduate students who demonstrate aptitude for communication and have an abiding concern for agriculture. *Assist the university's Colleges of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences and Liberal Arts in preparing these students to be effective professional communicators, through learn-by-doing opportunities. *Serve as a resource and vehicle for the continuing education of those in a position to promote the understanding of agriculture. *Promote the professional development of university faculty through teaching, research and service to agriculture communication. *Develop and maintain a website as a resource of information on agricultural issues to serve students, faculty, media professionals, agriculturists and the public.
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