Agriculture: The Most Important Industry in the World

This morning, Yahoo ran a story titled “College Majors That Are Useless.” Their number one most useless degree in America? Agriculture. You can read the article here.

This is beyond frustrating. Yes, farms are becoming more mechanized. Yes, we are becoming more efficient at producing more food on less land. But let’s not forget the population is growing rapidly and we still need to greatly increase agricultural production.

Agriculture isn’t just farming and ranching either. Agribusiness provides a multitude of jobs with the express purpose of supporting the farming and ranching segments of the industry.

How detached from agriculture are the majority of Americans if they think agriculture degrees are useless? Did they eat breakfast this morning? Are they wearing clothes? Are they using a computer? Without the agriculture industry, none of these things would have been possible.

Agriculture is not the most useless degree in America. People going into the agriculture industry need to be educated so we can continue to feed the growing population. In our opinion, agriculture has been and always will be, the most important industry in America.

Written by Carrie Isaacson 


  1. The article only referenced farmers in Iowa (or Idaho, I can’t remember which). But you are right, ag is more than farming. Ag includes production, packaging, transit, hospitality (been wine tasting lately)…its a huge employer that creates jobs for other industries too construction. It is a worthy education for everyone’s future.

  2. The article does not say that the Agriculture industry is useless. They are stating that if you graduate with a degree in this field soon, there are not many jobs out there for you. They are very different arguments.

    • ` “Yahoo ran a story titled “College Majors That Are Useless.” `

      I do think my good man that it does say that.

  3. At the Horticulture and Crop Science Department at Cal Poly, we are receiving at least two job opportunities from around the world every day. Contrary to what this article states, the only employment issue we’re having is that employers complain that we aren’t graduating our students faster 🙂

  4. As a Future Farmers of America Officer from Southern California, i can personally attest to the importance of Ag in our everyday lives. It involves 1 out of every ten jobs in California. The amount of Illiteracy that people have about Agriculture is unacceptable. This article just proves how much more we need to raise awareness of Ag.

  5. Thank you for writing this. I am shocked to see such a blatant disregard for one of our most important industries. Yes it may be difficult to find jobs but we must still try. To lose this industry would have a catastrophic effect on our nations economy. The effect of outsourcing are already obvious. I would love to see the next administration put a bigger emphasis on a grow here buy here mentality. Not only for our nations physical health but for our economical health.

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