Today in the Brock Center…

Today in the Brock Center we realized what a crazy busy quarter it is going to be! In addition to the next issue of Ag Circle, we are also producing the Cal Poly College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences Open House magazine, promoting several water forums that will be held on campus, attending the Professional Development Conference for ACT members at Texas Tech, blogging, shooting videos and increasing our social media presence. Oh wait, and we’re all still students! David, Carrie, Jennifer and Leslie definitely have their work cut out for them.

The Spring issue of Ag Circle is well under way. Here are a few of the stories you’ll see in the next magazine:

  • A story from Cal Poly student and Ariat Boot Designer, Quincy Freeman.
  • A feature highlighting some the educators who have retired from the College of Agriculture in the past year.
  • A special feature from Carrie and David chronicling their escapades as they go vegan for a week.
  • A look at the animal agriculture and water issues in the state of California.

We are always looking for stories to run in the next issue or to be posted on the blog, so if you are interested, contact us at!

~David, Carrie, Jennifer and Leslie

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